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WJL Media on UCB TV

WJL Media has been featured on the UKCMC show on UCB TV(SKY Channel 586)

UKCMC came about in September 2005, after Mark Pearce (Executive Producer) had a God-given idea of having a televised UK Music Charts for Christian Music. For many years he watched well known music programmes on British TV such as Top Of the Pops and he observed how they helped to promote and develop the careers of the featured musicians. However, as a professional musician and also a practising Christian, he noticed that there were no British Programmes, on terrestrial or digital TV, that catered to young Christians who listen to Contemporary, i.e. Modern, Christian Music.

So, after praying and thinking about it, Mark decided to officially set up UKCMC (UK Christian Music Charts) with an aim to broadcast the first televised Christian Music Charts show in Britain, which would feature modern music with a Christian message but it would cater to people aged between 16-40 years of age and from any religious or non-religious background.
He shared his vision with his long-term business partner, Paul Sheppard, who thought it was a great idea and told Mark he wanted to be a part of this new brilliant venture. Now with Paul on board Mark decided to go full steam ahead and set up a Production Team that would be arranging and producing UKCMC. This final production team set up was Mark (Executive Producer), Paul Sheppard (Executive Producer), Deborah Pearce – Mark’s wife (Co-Producer) and Julie Porter (Co-Producer) together this team were responsible for setting up and helping to produce Britain’s first televised Christian Music Charts TV Programme! In June 2006 the team were successful in its charitable status application and UKCMC became a registered UK Charity.

UKCMC was a new venture for the whole team but even though they were new to TV they knew it would work! So they came up with a plan for how UKCMC should look – the first series would be made up of 14 episodes, and each episode was to feature 4-5 bands, interviews, music videos and a Top 10 Music Chart Countdown.

After many late nights of much planning, UKCMC set up a new team to help turn Mark’s vision into a reality. As well as the Executive and Co-Producers, this team consisted of: a brilliant TV Presenter (Dolly Waddle), a camera and editing crew, a marketing company, and a make-up artist. So with God’s help in November 2008 UKCMC broadcast its first series on UCB TV. It featured over 25 brilliant Christian bands like Witness (reggae), Yfriday (rock), Lou Fellingham (Pop), Siani (RnB) and new bands like I.D (worship), Sammy G (grime) and The Gentlemen (rock). Through negotiation the ‘icing on the cake’ came when Bournemouth Christian Radio Station Hope FM agreed to give UKCMC the permission to broadcast their Top 10 Music Charts from.  The first series went really well and UCB loved it so much they repeated the whole series again. Mark’s vision of UKCMC had become a reality – these were really exciting times!!

But UKCMC didn’t stop there! In April 2009, at the Nexus Trust Christian Music School, UKCMC recorded its second series consisting of 13 weeks, which was subsequently broadcast in July 2009 on UCB TV. Again it featured 25 of the best of Britain’s recognised and new Christian Music Talents some of which include MOBO Nominees Ekklesia (RnB), MOBO Award Winner Jahaziel (hip hop), acclaimed rockers Superhero and Rex Allchurch Band, Blush UK (pop), IDMC (Gospel choir), new bands Sonday Rose (pop), The Rumour (rock) and Clear Rose (Jazz). Plus in this second series UKCMC premiered music videos from Top Urban Gospel Artists Israel Houghton, Mary Mary and new pop princess Jordin Sparks. Further to this they have broadcast the Top 10 Music Charts courtesy of Cross Rhythms and on top of all of this they also had a new feature – namely a Top 5 Book Charts supplied courtesy of Wesley Owen.

Mark’s initial plan for UKCMC was to create a platform for British Christian Musicians to showcase their talent and share their faith through music. However, since this time he and his production team are now working to raise funds to build wells to provide clean water in countries that do not have this privilege. All donations towards this cause are most welcomed – check out the home page for details of how you can get involved.

UKCMC’s future plans include recording and producing its third series in 2010, which will be even bigger and better than its first two series.

So join the team on Facebook and Myspace to get regular updates - amazing things are happening!

For more information about UKCMC please visit www.ukcmc.com.

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